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    Mr. Karmali is a facilitator of connections, international capital, and acquisition assets. As a seasoned entrepreneur and executive, he assists with structuring and representing international investment funds and business corporations in Canada.

Al M. Karmali

Chairman and CEO

Telephone: +1 416 997 0706
Email: contact@KarmaliGroup.com

Karmali Group International Investments Inc.
Stock Exchange Tower
130 King Street West, 18th Floor
Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5X 1E3

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Al M. Karmali is a fourth-generation entrepreneur in his family. He serves on the board of directors for a number of companies, and has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Karmali Group International Investments Inc. and its subsidiary corporations for the past 25 years.

Mr. Karmali is an investor, financier, and or advisor on worldwide projects valued more than USD $280-billion dollars and is consistently recommended by Canadian and international governments, government agencies, stock exchanges, investment banks, and professional firms.

He has significant experience working in Canada and the United States, and in international markets including the United Kingdom, Europe, Nordic countries, Gulf region, and Asia.

Mr. Karmali’s education includes Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, and London School of Economics with specialisation in finance, private equity, and business strategy.

Selected Experience

Leader for a private consortium of investors, providing advice with the business, joint-venture, and finance strategy for the USD $5-billion dollar purchase of the Ashikaga Bank Ltd., a financial institution in Japan. Mr. Karmali was invited to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe during this process. Nomura Holdings Inc. completed on the project financing.

Through a joint-venture with Karmali Group, Mr. Karmali held the title of Vice President of International Development for an American investment firm, with offices in Denver, Vancouver, Frankfurt, and Cairo -- the lead company on a Euro $23.5-billion dollar infrastructure development project in the Middle East. Hosni Mubarak, former President of Egypt, was the Cairo office partner.

Engaged by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) to consult and advise on the viability of a trading platform and or international bulletin board. Implement strategies for the CSE’s public corporations advising in investments, asset acquisitions, market penetration, and governance. In 2009, Karmali Group became an authorised service provider for the Canadian Securities Exchange. His advisory services are formally recommended by the stock exchange to their approximately 500 publicly listed clients.

Advises and assists representatives of foreign governments, and government agencies from European Union and the Gulf with introductions, bilateral trade, and business development within the Canadian markets.

Advisor to Australian energy and mining executives with their legal structures in Vancouver, Canada, and with their public company listings on stock exchanges in Canada and Germany. Facilitated introductions with Finland government officials for direct investments in Finnish uranium assets. Provided access to capital and investments from New York, London, Frankfurt, and Zurich for the acquisition of mineral assets in Canada, Finland, Mexico, and Peru.

Represented companies from Norway, Iceland, and Russia with their business in Vancouver, Canada, acquiring energy and mineral assets for both their public and private corporations through joint-venture and straight buy-out deals.

Advisor to the former Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia for his network of contacts and for their investments in Canadian commercial real estate. Mr. Karmali established a partnership and recruited an on-the-ground team of real estate investment and acquisition specialists.

Independent advisor to a national Gulf regional bank structuring and drafting finance and investment proposals for their high-profile Canadian corporate client portfolio.

Partnered with the representative of Adnan Khashoggi to advise and invest in financial institutions, energy, mining, infrastructure, and real estate development projects in North America, and on the African continent.

Advisor to a prominent Saudi national regarding his investment strategies in the Canadian gold mining sector. Provided assistance with identifying quality assets and companies for introduction, investment, and joint-venture partnerships.

Partnered with prominent Gulf families to advise with their entry investments and fund structures in Canada. The funds consist of capital from Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar; with a preliminary focus on investing in Canadian real estate, and diversification investment strategies implemented into the energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

Advisor to a Gulf energy corporation with their entry infrastructure investment in Canada. The energy group generates USD $5-billion dollar revenue per annum and has approximately 20,000 staff members. Mr. Karmali identified quality assets meeting their investment criteria and introduced the group to a qualified legal energy and infrastructure team at the Toronto office of Baker & McKenzie LLP.

Partnered with the Hedstrom Group in business and strategy regarding the hypothecation of gold mining assets in Nevada, United States valued at USD $4.25-billion dollars. Mr. Karmali, alongside Warren Hedstrom, partnered and provided strategies and consultations with the re-organisation and streamlining of a USD $6.8-billion per annum American petroleum project.

Advisor in business, investment, and finance strategies for a Canadian capital markets consulting firm. Through a partnership with Karmali Group, Mr. Karmali held the title of Executive Vice President of Corporate Management and successfully represented publicly listed energy and mining companies on the stock exchanges in Canada and Germany.

Advisor for high-profile projects, corporations, and management teams, including former senior management from Magna International Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Mr. Karmali is engaged by Saddlebrook Management Consultants a division of The Muzzo Group and Pemberton Group, a prominent residential condominium real estate development firm in Toronto. Mr. Karmali has provided assistance with projects such as Friday Harbour resort in Innisfil, Ten93 Queen Street West, Downtown Erin Mills buildings A & B, Rosedale buildings C & D.

Partnered with a Beijing real estate development firm with their entry into Canada. The firm assets total USD $1.5-billion with an interest in investing and developing residential condominiums. Mr. Karmali advised on strategies, the recruitment of professionals and executive team, and with business investments. With successful condominium project sales, and prestigious industry awards, the firm expanded from their twelve hundred square foot office in Toronto and now resides in a forty thousand square foot showroom office located in Richmond Hill.

Advisor on Canadian and American port and commercial waterfront properties, resort developments, senior housing complexes, retail, and residential projects. Involved in business and investment strategies for a USD $8-billion dollar American casino and hotel portfolio with their head office located in Beverly Hills, California, and flagship assets in Nevada.

Lectured in real estate strategies at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) and mentored professionals with asset acquisitions, joint ventures, skip-transfers, and sales of large residential and commercial multi-building parcels.

Purchased his first commercial building for his own personal asset portfolio at the age of twenty-four, and was included in all aspects of strategy and operations for the family businesses from the age of sixteen.

Royal Canadian Armed Forces:
Queen’s Own Rifles – Airborne Infantry Division: Honourable Discharge
7 th Toronto Regiment – Artillery Division: Honourable Discharge