Karmali Group International Investments Inc. is a multinational corporation facilitating business partnerships and investments in the global petroleum, energy, mining and infrastructure sectors. We provide institutional and sophisticated investors with scalable strategies and direct access to assets and corporations.

We build companies. We are not a stock brokerage firm nor do we trade or sell stock to retail clients.

Business Partnerships

Karmali Group will utilise our strong Canadian and international connections, and expertise to structure business corporations through investment and joint venture partnerships with our firm.

We invest in, and acquire the following types of assets:


  • Crude Oil
  • Crude Bitumen


  • Natural Gas
  • Shale Gas


  • Energy: Uranium, Coal
  • Metals: Gold, Iron Ore, Silver, Copper
  • Agriculture: Potash


  • Oil Refineries
  • Oil Pipelines
  • LNG Storage Plants
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Power and Utilities
  • Metal Refineries

Business Management

Our subsidiary companies provide international business strategy, management and advisory services:

  • Facilitating foreign investments and immigration compliant investments
  • Strategic asset and corporate positioning in international markets
  • Incorporating companies for listing on capital markets (initial public offering)
  • Executive and board member recruitment, selection and supervision
  • Canadian office location and management
  • All regulatory compliance, corporate governance and IFRS tax requirements 1

1 Multiple in-house and third party verification of corporate and financial data to ensure quality control and strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the Public Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act (United States), Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act (United States), Bill 198 (Canada) and international laws governing Sarbanes-Oxley principles.